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Looking Back on Lyme Disease

It’s funny how a simple thing can take you back to a moment in time that changed your life in a significant way.
Yesterday, Cameron bought The Amazing Spider Man, while we were out. I thought the title sounded familiar, but didn’t immediately realize why.
This morning, he came to his daddy and said, “Remember this movie? This was the one we went to see at the theater, the one we left early.”
His daddy said that yes, he did remember. That was when we knew that he was so very sick.
That day, the plan was for Cameron and his daddy to watch the movie, and then for them to go to McDonald’s. It didn’t turn out that way.
Cameron had been having migraines, a lack of energy, throwing up, and joint pains for a few months. Still, he pulled it together enough to go to the movies.
Previously, he had never left a movie early. But that day, he said to his daddy, “Can we just leave?”
When they got to the sidewalk, his father offered him the meal that they had planned on, but Cameron declared that he just wanted to go home. He arrived home and just laid on our bed, looking as exhausted as if he had run a marathon.
Sometime in the next month, we realized that it was Lyme Disease.  It had gotten far enough to progress to Lyme Meningitis. Four days in the hospital, a PICC line for at home, and we were on the road to a better Cameron.

Today, we are pushing as much nutrition as we can, considering his sensitivity to textures, because of his High Functioning Autism. He gets vitamins and minerals, disguised in a bottle of water. We push exercise. He takes a variety of supplements. He is far better than he was back then.

He is currently watching that movie, enjoying it to the fullest. That time in his life sits in the back of his mind, but we hope to revisit it only in memory.