Monthly Archives: April 2014

Ten Years, and I Would do it all Again

Ten years ago today, I married the best man a wife could ask for. He has laughed with me, dried my tears, encouraged me in all that I have wanted to do, been my rock and my true joy.

Each day when I wake married to him, I am thankful. I still have that silly little smile on my face when I think of him. I am truly a woman in love.

This man leaves me a little note each morning, just to take the time to tell me that he loves me and can’t wait to see me at the end of the work day. I look forward to each note. They make my morning.

This morning, it was a full two page letter. He expressed his love for me and told me that he is a better man because of me.

What is interesting is that I feel like a better woman because of him. He sees me in a way that I never thought of myself. He thinks I am strong and beautiful. So many times, he simply looks at me and says, “Wow! You are so beautiful!” I laugh inside and think, “Yep, he’s definitely a man in love.”

I am grateful that plans don’t always go as we try to foresee. I didn’t plan to date him all those years ago, but doing so was the most intelligent thing I ever did. I love that man!