Autism’s Strain on a Marriage

Autism often puts strain on a relationship that is not that strong anyway. It can drive a wedge between those who are not determined to fight for both their child and their marriage.
In a way, it is like losing a child, when that diagnosis is finally given. Your hopes and dreams change; your whole world is thrown off.
I am thankful to say that although my husband was not immediately and fully there for me, because he was going though his own form of mourning, he came around.
There were days when I felt alone, like it was just me in this struggle. I was hurting inside, just as he was, but he couldn’t see beyond his own pain for a while.
When he finally came around, he did so fully and without holding back. He went from denial and invisible walls, to “How do we help this child?”
There are many forms of Autism on the Spectrum; our child has a more mild form. I thank God that it’s not more difficult than it is, and that I have my husband by my side for the journey.


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