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The Conversation. A picture says a million words.

This is brilliant. I know the concerns of whether or not your Autistic child will ever be able to function in the outside world. As parents, we look forward, on some level, to the day our children leave our home and make their own way, the day they begin to live their dreams.
When you have an Autistic child, you do not know if they will ever leave home. You look for little bits of hope.

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Conversation to me is a lifeline.

Being able to talk, share, delve, learn, grow, explore within another persons psyche to me, makes life so very interesting and the people I hold dear are those with whom I get to talk to daily and always am able to speak frankly and openly about everything and anything.

When you have a child with Autism you don’t always get to share with them in this fashion. Autistics have difficulty sharing,socializing and verbalizing.

That is just a fact and it isn’t worth trying to fighting, instead, you need to work with it, encourage sharing (even if it is only about your childs very structured set of likes and/ or dislikes) sharing is sharing after all.

There will be many conversations that you will find yourself feigning interest in – a hognosed snake or star-nosed mole simply because your child is SO passionate about it…

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