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Christmas Memories

A friend recently mentioned something along the lines of viewing Christmas as we did when we were children. Honestly, I don’t want to view Christmas from that time in my life.

Holidays in my childhood were stressful. They were filled with our parents’ fighting, and the possibility of being beaten for an unknown or imagined wrongdoing.

Our parents didn’t believe that children needed toys, so we rarely, if ever, received anything more than clothing. As a result, some of our imagination and wonder were never allowed to develop.

The thing we looked forward to was eating the turkey. Mom would start the turkey on a low temp the night before. By morning, the scent of a stuffed turkey filled the house and made our stomachs rumble.

When we sat down to eat, we did not pray or give thanks. The meal was fairly silent. We children didn’t want to do anything that would set our parents off and cause us to get a slap or something more right at the table.

We were tense and nervous children. The threat of violence was an ever-present shadow that loomed over us.

I don’t want that childhood memory to create a shadow over my own family. I have tried to make special memories and true joy for my family.

On Christmas morning, we get up very early. After the coffee is made and the adults have sat down with a cup, gifts are passed out. One gift at a time is given to each person. We open them one at a time, each person waiting for the person before them to open theirs and enjoy it for a moment, before moving on to the next person.

Afterward, we do the cleanup together, then I make a special breakfast for everyone. My husband makes sure that the batteries for each toy are provided and that everyone has what they need for each gift. We take the time to ask whether everyone is pleased.

As I do most of the time, I express to my husband how grateful I am that I have him in my life. I tell him how wonderful he has made our lives. For the whole day, in some form or another, I thank God for His many blessings upon my life.

These are the memories I wish to preserve, and the wonder that holds my heart. This is the best part of my life so far. I could ask for no more.