The Intriguing Offer

While we were gone last night, we received a call from the co-owner of Cameron’s van service. We know her as “Dee Dee.” 

She left a message that simply said that she had a question to ask me. I called her back this morning at 8:00, hoping that it wouldn’t be too early.

I admit that I was confused about why she needed to speak with me. Was there a problem with Cameron? Would there be a change in drivers? Even with all of the questions racing through my mind, I managed to simply identify myself and allow her to guide the conversation.

She started with, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time. I know you work for the Carlins, I know that you’re happy there….”

At this point, I’m thinking, “Oh no, she’s trying to pull me away from them. Loyalty comes first.”

“but,” she continued, “I was wondering if you would ever consider driving a school van to supplement your income.”

The last few words stuck in my head. She wasn’t trying to take me from my work; she was offering me something more.

She went on to say that if I was interested, they would love to have me. She and I have had a lot of interaction, as she is sometimes Cameron’s van driver. She has seen my interaction with Cameron, gotten a feel for my personality and skills, and thinks that I would be great with both the children and the parents.

On top of that, the van that I would be driving would be Cameron’s. I would have the opportunity to drive my own son and his friends to school every day. That part appealed to me.

It would only be about two hours a day of driving, but it would also mean that I would get to my regular job late and have to leave early.

I would get 90 – 100 dollars a week, which would look good in my overall income. However, I would be missing that much in my regular job, just by being late and leaving early.

I would also need to get clearances, but she said that she would pay for them. That part was a relief.

I would apparently be using my own van, from what I understood. I would keep track of mileage, and she would give me a credit card for gas. I would take my van down to her husband every few weeks for servicing.

I told her that I would discuss it with my husband and my boss, give it some thought, and get back to her. My mind has been busy ever since.

I discussed it briefly with both my husband and my boss. The only way I can think that it would work, is if I went back to my regular job for a couple of hours each night, or worked on Saturdays for a while. 

Whatever I ultimately decide, it is nice to be thought of so highly. It’s always nice to be wanted. 

My boss will discuss it with his wife, I’ll speak with my husband, and I’ll pray about it. I have faith that I will be guided in the right direction.


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