Love is an Action

Early this morning, I woke to a house that was much colder than it had been last night. My mommy instincts kicked in, and I grabbed an extra blanket and covered Cameron with it.

As I turned to walk away, he spoke from the darkness. “I love you, mommy.”

I smile as I write this, because those words made me so happy. Some Autism mommies have never heard them. 

I smile too, because this proves what I have said many times. A child with Autism knows we love them because of our actions, not our words. In their innocence, they realize what it takes many people years to learn: Love is not merely a set of pretty words. Love is a series of intentional, sincere actions, intended to make the other person feel the depth of your affection and the strength of their value in your eyes.

After I had covered him, I went back to bed, as it was only four AM. Although I intended to go right back to sleep, the above thoughts swirled around in my head. 

I also thought about my own childhood. I asked myself if there was something similar for me, some experience that showed me my mother’s love. There was only one example, which I wrote about in my first book, My Remembrance.

I recalled my mother coming into my room in the middle of the night. She was closing my window, because it was raining. How sad that it is the only time I felt loved.

However, beauty comes from ashes, because my children know that I love them all truly and deeply. I have conversations with my children that I could never have had with my own mother. I teach them lessons that I hope will make their futures brighter. I encourage them to use their talents and to dream big dreams. I attempt to make them see the marvelous person that I see when I look at them.

Each of my children is precious and wonderful. I could not be more blessed, or more grateful.



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  1. I could feel the love in your post. I have had many of those 4 am thoughts myself, as I watch my son sleep. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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