Lyme Disease Gone Too Far

As I was cleaning the other day, I found one of the lists of symptoms that I presented to our then doctor last year, expressing concern over the symptoms that Cameron was displaying. Needless to say, it took me back for a few moments, reliving those weeks of worry, and the time that it went too far.

Back then, the first symptom that Cameron displayed was a ring around his belly button. It was red and inflamed. We assumed it was ringworm, but we asked his doctor about it anyway.

Our doctor barely glanced at it, and declared it to be ringworm. Since we had been treating it for a couple of weeks with OTC ringworm medicine, the doctor gave us a much stronger cream and sent us on our way.

The cream didn’t help. In fact, it seemed to make things worse. The ring was spreading outward and getting more red. 

I took Cameron to the doctor again. I presented the symptoms to the doctor. Cameron had just been sent home from school, because he had a migraine and was throwing up. I gave him Motrin, he took a nap, and he was much better when the doctor saw him.

However, as is my habit, I had a list ready. I showed him the list of symptoms, but he saw no signs of the migraine, so he gave us a stronger antibiotic and sent us on our way. 


As you will see from the following list, this had been going on for several weeks. It still had not been taken entirely seriously. 

I cannot seem to get the actual picture of my list to come up, but here are the items on the list:


Migraine-type headache on/off 4-6 weeks

Vomiting with headache

Much less energy – two weeks

No appetite (which was strange for the child that wanted to eat all the time)

Doesn’t want to drink

Just seems miserable 

Spurts of energy – short lived- mostly laying around

Being treated for apparent ringworm, which seems to have worsened


As you can see, it went way too far. We lost faith in our doctor last year, which made us quite sad, as we respected and trusted him so deeply.

Currently, we are just over a year through this whole ordeal. We have had some flare ups and low energy days. We will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing like this happens again.

The sad thing is, he was a child of only seven, almost eight years old at that time. He already has high-functioning Autism, Asthma, and year-round allergies. He didn’t need this on top of it all.

I like to end on a positive note, when I can. We started seeing a Natural Healing Doctor a few weeks ago. He has already worked wonders with Cameron, and I have faith that things will improve more as we go along.



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  1. Wow, such a similar story to yours, with a child the same age at the time, also with Autism!

    We also work with a naturopath and things have gotten so much better already. I hope your son has good success with treatment.

  2. No, mine is quite cheerful and easy going for the most part. Of course, he has his moments of near panic, when the situation is unknown to him or the sensory input is too much. But overall, he is a very happy child.

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