Just a Little Consideration Would be Nice

Although most of us realize that special needs children need some extra consideration, sometimes we, as parents, would just be glad to have our children treated as equals with other children. It can be as offensive to treat a child with disregard as it is to treat them badly.

Tonight we went to the concert for Cameron’s Primary School. It was the Second Grade class. The children were a mixture of mainly “normal” children, mixed in with a very small amount of kids from the Autism Classroom of which my son is a part. 

Cameron has come far and we are proud. A couple of years ago, he would never have been able to get into an organized line and walk calmly from one place to another. He would not have been able to handle all of the people and the noise. It would have been too much.

Because of how far he has come, we look forward to his concerts, parties, and other milestones. This night was no different in that respect.

Cameron has practiced all of the songs in the program repeatedly. He knows them well and was looking forward to singing them.

We even threw in a big change this year. At his teacher’s invitation, we had him stay after school and have supper with those who had stayed as well. He was scared of the changes, but it all worked out well.

We found a couple of seats and my husband went to look for a paper program. He brought back two copies, which we both promptly examined from front to back, in search of our son’s name. It wasn’t there. We then searched for his teacher’s names and the names of his classmates. They too were not represented. We were quite disappointed.

At the end of the concert, there was a song that was accompanied by a series of pictures of the kids at play. We searched every picture that came up. None of them displayed a single child from his small class. 

I know these seem like small things, but we wanted what every parent wants. We wanted to see our child perform (which he did wonderfully), to see his name in the program, and to have the children in our child’s class receive equal representation. 

The complete disregard hurt a bit. I am just glad that Cameron’s state of mind doesn’t allow him to fully realize that his class was left out. 


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