Gun Control – My Take on It

A lot has been said about gun control lately, especially since the Sandy Hook incident. I haven’t said much about it. I think a lot of it is still being mentally processed. I tend to not say much on the subject, but I think it may be necessary to share my personal take on it.

I have not had a gun in my house for many years. Years ago, my first husband came after my young daughter and myself with a gun. He was mentally unstable and should never have had a gun. We did not know this ’til he went off the deep end. Sometimes things are discovered the hard way.

Since that time, I have not been comfortable having a gun in my house. I have not handled a gun since then either. 

I am not, however, against those who are comfortable with guns having them in their home. It is our right as Americans to have guns, whether it is to protect ourselves or simply to hunt with them. 

Should every person have a gun? Absolutely not. Some people, as in my above example, are a danger to themselves or others. 

Should background checks be more thorough? Perhaps. 

A person who is prone to violence is not going to be worried about whether they have the appropriate documentation or have gained their weapon legally. The guy who perpetrated the violence at Sandy Hook did not, as far as I know, have a gun permit. He used guns that belonged to his mother. 

Many people would say, “But if his mother didn’t have guns in her home, he wouldn’t have had the guns to use in the first place.” My response would be, “Okay, well then he would probably use some other form of violence.”

People who want to harm other people are probably going to find a way, unless their actions are anticipated and stopped. Removing guns from those who are not dangerous does not help anyone.


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