Movies, Tests, and a Great Husband

My husband and I both worked on Saturday. Sunday was our only  day off. I went to Sunday school, and then left early for some special time with Carl and Cameron.

Cameron wanted to go to the movies and watch Rise of the Guardians. Carl wanted to get some errand running done while we were down there. They both wanted me to come, and I gladly accepted. 

Cameron has been very involved in the characters from Rise of the Guardians. He even told me that he had invited all of them to his birthday party. I tried at that time to gently tell him that they probably wouldn’t be able to attend, but he was too involved in his fantasy world to really understand or accept my words.

On the day of his party, he was disappointed and upset to discover that they did not come. He had been looking forward to seeing these guys, especially Jack Frost. 

When we saw them on the screen, we turned and looked at his reaction. His face lit up and he was immediately pulled into the movie. 

Most of the movie is about Jack Frost, trying to find his place in the world, trying to make children see him and believe in him. When he is called upon to become a Guardian, to protect children from a growing threat, he doesn’t know if he is up to the task. He wants to know how he can agree to be something in the present, if he doesn’t know who he was in his past. 

We all left the theater in good spirits. I told Cameron, “See. That’s probably why they couldn’t come to your party. They were saving the children.” He nodded like he had already come to that conclusion.

Today, I am scheduled to work. Carl has the day off because of it being the first day of deer hunting in our area. Carl doesn’t hunt. He has no interest in it, since his dad passed on several years ago. 

Instead, he will be taking Cameron to the doctor’s. Cameron needs a physical for Special Olympics. It has to be updated every year. He also needs to be examined for the Lyme Disease again.

Cameron has been complaining for at least two weeks, of his knees hurting. This is one of the symptoms that came along with the Lyme Disease the past two times. He will likely need to get yet another blood test.

If the test comes back positive, as I suspect that it will, it will be yet more proof that Lyme Disease doesn’t necessarily go away. More may need to be done at that time.

It is nice to know that things are being handled while I am at work. Having a spouse upon who I can count is a real blessing. 

I married a good man. He goes out of his way to make his son smile. He steps in and takes up the slack when I am unable to do something. He has brought hope and love to our lives. 


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