Some People Don’t Want Resolution

My kids are all home today, because of the pending hurricane. My oldest babysat, while I went to work. Because of this, she was the one who took the message when it came.

The caller was the Transportation Coordinator for our school district. We, along with the driver, his boss, and the Special Education Coordinator, were supposed to have a meeting about conditions on the special needs van. 

According to the message that she left, the meeting was cancelled, because of the pending hurricane. She also mentioned that the van driver had given his notice, and that he won’t be driving for our child in the future. 

I have to admit, I was quite pleased. I wasn’t trying to get him to quit, but perhaps to be put on a route that didn’t involve driving innocent special needs children. 

I can only say that I assume that my thoughts concerning his unwillingness to open his heart to the children, and to learn another way of dealing with them, were right on the mark. If he truly meant well, he would have been willing to accept any guidance that was offered.

I am sure that in his mind, I am probably “that trouble maker,” or something along those lines. That’s fine with me. If sticking up for my child and other innocent children makes me a trouble maker, then I am a trouble maker to the highest degree. Label me; I’m okay with that.

For now, I know that my child and those other children are safe. That’s what matters most.


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