The Sweetest Thing

As I was sitting and watching television yesterday, I started to feel a bit cold. I didn’t tell anyone. I just continued to watch a comedy that was on at that time.

A few minutes later, the door to the bedroom opened, and Cameron came out. He came over to me, and without speaking a word, he placed my warm tiger blanket on the couch next to me and turned to walk away. 

I said, “Awe… That’s nice. Thank you, Cameron.”

He didn’t quite look at me, but he did say, “Thank you,” in a way that suggested that he thought it was no big deal. He didn’t display emotion in an obvious way, yet his gesture was all about love.

I felt like jumping up and down. But my outward expression was one of simple heartfelt praise. His action showed that he was looking outside of himself! He had shown the empathy that I know is there, but rarely appears.

Autistic children get caught up in their own world. If they go in far enough, they don’t even seem to know that we’re there. We have to draw Cameron back quite often.

When he displays an action that shows his consideration of another person, it is a big moment for us. Yet, if I make a big deal out of it, the display seems to disturb him and make him uncomfortable.

With that always in mind, I keep my celebrations inside of my heart. Cameron is my little hero, even if he doesn’t understand the reasons behind it.


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