Abuse – Taboo Topic for older Generation?

An older couple walked into the store today. They looked around with interest. I noticed that the woman took a look at my two books.

“I’m the author of those two books,” I told her.

She appeared impressed. She even took the time to read the back cover of each book and to ask me about each of them.

I told her that Cameron’s Journey is about my son, who has a high-functioning form of Autism, called Asperger’s Syndrome. I explained a bit about this condition.

I then told her about My Remembrance. I told her that it is about growing up in an abusive family, that I detail the abuse, how it formed what kind of children we were, and what kind of decisions we made coming into adulthood. 

I told her that it is not a, “Poor me. Look what happened to me,” kind of story. It offers hope.

She said, “I never knew anyone who had been…..” pause…. “or would admit to being abused. This is the first time someone has told me that they were abused.”

I got to thinking afterward: Is abuse a topic that people from their generation would smother and not speak about? Did this topic make them uncomfortable? Are people of that age group less likely to buy my book, because it is something that people from their time may not have acknowledged?

If this is the case, I may not be reaching as many people as I would hope to. If people can’t acknowledge that it happens, or are unwilling to offer support to those who have been there, we make no progress. 

Could it be that people of that age group don’t talk as much about their feelings or how they are affected by things? I know that we are more open about things like that now, that abuse isn’t shoved into a corner as the dirty little secret as much as it used to be. 

Even with all that, it took a lot for me to write the book in the first place. I ripped out my heart and soul to write that book, but it may not be for everyone. 

For those who like to read true stories, no matter the depth of the emotion within, this book will touch them. If they are looking for hope that rises from sorrow, this book is for them.


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