A Perfect Disguise

Cameron’s imagination constantly amazes me. Or maybe it is his ability to watch/listen to something, and act it out exactly as he remembers it. 

It is never dull around  here. If he’s not describing something to us in great detail, he is acting something out.

He came out of the bedroom tonight, dressed in his much-loved “pimp hat,” with a sheet wrapped around him, serving as a cloak. When we looked up and noticed him, he said, “Do ya got any food?”

When we had played along sufficiently, he said, “I’m not really a beggar.”

I said, “What are you?”

He put on his dramatic voice, and said, “I’m a magic man!” He whipped his “cape” open as he spoke. It was quite cute. He has since informed me that he was disguised as an old man, who was really a magic man.

Here are a couple of pictures of the scene:Image



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