It’s About That Time

As I was working at my new job yesterday, I got to thinking about schedules. This was on my mind, because I wondered if my new employers were surprised at how schedule oriented I am. For example: When one of them says, “Do this job ’til 11:00, and then switch to this other job,” I work that job ’til exactly that time, and then switch, right on time. If they say it as, “Do this job now, and then start the other job at 11:00,” I keep track of the time, figure how long it will take to get from point A to point B, and make sure I am starting that job at exactly the right time.

Parents of Autistic children will be able to relate to this. I was always one to follow instructions as closely as possible, but having an Autistic child has made me plan out every step and most of the minutes on the clock. 

Cameron gets up for school at 5:35 AM. He gets up that early because he gets picked up early and needs some time to mentally move into the school frame of mind.

I comb his hair and give him his medicine at 5:55 exactly. If I am a minute late, he lets me know about it. 

Breakfast is at 6:00, he puts his coat on at 6:35, walks out the door at 6:38, and gets on the van at about 6:45. Everything but the arrival of the van is very precise. 

I work ’til 3:00 in the afternoon. I do this because his van may arrive earlier than usual, depending upon how many children are present on the return trip. The van’s usual arrival time is between 3:45 and 4:00, but it has arrived as early as 3:15. I do not want Cameron to ever arrive home to find that no one is waiting for him.

The rest of our day is very similar to the start of our day. Eating times, teeth brushing time, and bed time are all planned out. To waiver from this schedule would cause Cameron to be ill at ease and a bit upset.

My life has been so planned out for the past few years, that I just take it all in stride. If something must be done at a certain time, I will work to make sure that it is done that way. I wonder if this will cause me to get OCD.


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