An Advantage Over NT People

Tuesday was a good thing/bad thing sort of day where Cameron was concerned. His report from school, along with his own words revealed this.

One of the things that they were pleased with is that he sang a song to everyone. A couple of years ago, he couldn’t interact with his peers, much less sing to a group. This is unbelievable progress.

The bad thing was revealed when he told us, “Two boys on the playground made fun of me and said my song was lame. But it wasn’t. It was great and everyone loved it.”

He feels things very deeply, as do I. But he processes them much differently. His feelings get hurt, but that doesn’t hold him back for long. 

He has anxiety about new situations, and trying things that he thinks may make him look “lame,” but if he gets it into his head that something he is doing is great, very little will change his mind.

I surprised my husband the other day, by saying, “Maybe he is better off than most people. Sometimes, I would like to be more like him.”

My husband looked at me like I’d lost my mind. I quickly explained.

“Yes, he has his issues and challenges, but he has something that I would like to have. He doesn’t usually notice the subtle body language of other people. If someone is talking behind his back, or making a certain facial expression about him, he probably won’t notice. Sometimes, that holds him back. But sometimes I would like to be just a little less aware.”

I’m not sure if my husband really understood where I was coming from, but he did the whole nod and say the right words thing. He knows that I am a very sensitive person. It is good to be loved exactly as I am. He doesn’t necessarily have to understand every quirk to my personality; he just loves me as the whole package, much like we love and accept Cameron.


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  1. A lovely post, Maxine, I know what you mean, too. My daughter is in a similar situation even though she has made a massive recovery from a stroke when she was a baby. However, she has a 10p sized ‘dead’ section in her brain which affects her short term memory and understanding of complex instructions in particularly which basically means, it takes her a lot longer than other people to learn things but when she does, she learns it really well. I often think she’s better off. She will never really know how it feels to start a new skill knowing she’ll be one of the first to manage it, however, she knows knock-backs and is completely unfazed by them. I just think this will stand her in good stead for the world at large when she really gets there. It sounds like Cameron will manage just fine!

    • Thank you, Jackie. Sometimes, the innocent among us are the most blessed. They may never realize just how cruel the world can be, at least not to the extent that we realize it.

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