An Embarrassing Moment

You know how little kids tend to say embarrassing things in public, causing you to wish that you were suddenly invisible? Well, with Aspie children, it is a bit like that at almost any age. They say things that are matter of fact and straight to the point. If an Aspie wants to know something, he/she just asks.

The parent has little or no control of how the question or statement comes out of the child’s mouth. If it enters the child’s mind, it pops out exactly as it entered.

They do not say or do things with the intent of embarrassing the parent or the other person. They simply do not view things in the same way that we do.

My husband had such an embarrassing moment while he was out with three of our children today. They were at a local gas station/quick mart. 

When Cameron approached the register to pay for his items, he spotted the cashier, who apparently had very short hair and whose appearance caused him some confusion.

Since he wanted to know, he simply asked, “Are you a man or a woman?”

She said, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

He said, “I’m a boy. You’re a woman.” He must have detected this by her voice.

She said, “That’s right.”

My husband quickly recovered from his initial embarrassment and tried to salvage the situation by telling Cameron, “Tell her, ‘That’s alright; my dad sometimes teases me and calls me a little girl.'” 

When they came home, my husband immediately told me what had happened. I promptly burst into laughter.

Cameron said, “Stop laughing!”

I said, “I can’t. I’m laughing at you.”

He said, “It’s not funny!”

I said, “It’s funny, because you’re so cute.”

I am so glad I stayed home from that trip to the store!


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