Rides, Cotton Candy, and Funnel Cakes… Oh My!



Although we only spent 3 hours at the local fair today, we made the most of those hours. Cameron went on many rides several times, everyone had a bit of junk food, everyone either had something bought for them or bought something for themselves.

The above pictures are of Cameron and his daddy waiting in line for the bumper cars, in a bumper car, and waiting for the swing ride to start. I took a few more pictures, but since they were all taken with the camera on my cell phone, they didn’t all come out.

I had the bright idea that I would, after many years of not being small enough to ride the rides, take a chance and ride on something called Pharaoh’s Fury. It is a ride that used to be called Noah’s Ark, at a local theme park. It is shaped a bit like a large boat and swings from side to side. It goes very far up on one side, and then, as it heads in the other direction, it creates a sensation of free fall.

I was the biggest baby on the ride! I looked down just once, as we were descending. I screeched, “Oh my gosh! I never should’ve done this! I’m never doing it again!”

My younger daughter and Cameron were both on the ride with me. Cameron was in the middle of us. Alicia kept laughing at me and saying, “It’s okay, mom. It’ll be okay.”

From that first moment, to the time that it was just about halted, I kept my gaze steadily on Cameron, who enjoyed himself immensely. He went on the ride a total of three times, while once was more than enough for his wimpy mommy.

After about two and a half hours, it was clear that he was tiring quickly, so we started wrapping things up. He is now playing quietly (sort of) in our room. A good day was had by all.


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