Monthly Archives: September 2012

Changes and Progressions

Waking Cameron so early for school each day (5:35) has the benefit of making him very sleepy by 9:00 PM, which may not look good to others, since he goes to bed at 7:30. However, I am thrilled with it. In the past, he has been awake up to and past 11:00 PM, sometimes. 

On the down side, since he is used to getting up so early, he has been waking himself at 5:15, rather than being asleep ’til I wake him up a little while later. He also takes that sleep pattern to the weekends. Before it is light outside, he is awake between 5 and 5:15, asking, “Is it morning?” Even when he is told that it is not time to get up, he stays awake til he’s allowed to get up.

He’s having a good year so far. This may be because of getting more sleep during the week. He has his moods and digs his heels in now and then, but he is still making progress.

He will be eight in November. As I look back, I realize how far he has come in the past couple of years.

He and his daddy are at a movie today, one which he wanted to see very badly. He said, “Tristan said he’s going to it.”

My husband and I looked at each other and shared a meaningful look. He couldn’t have said that a couple of years ago. 

The two of them will soon be home. He will be full of stories about the movie, and will spend the next week acting out various characters’ parts. They went to see Hotel Transylvania, so it should be an interesting week.

Inevitably, he will walk in with a new toy, because daddy can’t help but spoil him. He will be happy, fulfilled, but most of all – loved. That’s what counts the most.