Up and at ‘Em

It was bad enough that I had the nerve to wake Cameron up so early for his first day of Second Grade (5:35 AM), but then I actually wanted to take pictures. The pictures reflect the way that he felt about this intrusion. 

I hope he has a good first day of school. He has been dreading it for the whole summer. This may be because of the social expectations, or maybe because of the fact that going to school interrupts what he actually wants to do. 

The lesson for him is that we all have to occasionally do what we don’t want to do. That’s how we get through life, by taking the bad with the good. 





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  1. So very true. We cannot always do what we want, and it is a valuable lesson for Children to learn. I hope he has a good day at school!

    • Thanks, Alex. The report from school said that he had a good day back, but was a bit tired and whiny by the end of the day. Pretty much as expected, concerning the tiredness and cranky attitude by the end of the day. The first part went better than I could have hoped for, though.

  2. Aw, poor little dude. He looks cool though! Hope he had a good day!

    • My daughter put him on the van, as both of us were at work. She reported that he was very upset by the changes: new driver, new van, different seat. They didn’t even tell us about the change til the night before, and then it wasn’t even the van service that told us; it was the driver, who stopped by, merely to find the place and track his route.
      The day at school went well. He hasn’t yet said that he doesn’t want to go back, but I haven’t woken him for school either. Guess I’ll find out in a couple of minutes.

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