Not Autistic Enough?

Ever since the possibility of the markers for Autism diagnosis being changed was presented, I have occasionally gone back to the thought of what would happen if higher-functioning children were pushed out. If a child is able to communicate, however ineffectively, and is able to function in more “normal” ways than the traditionally Autistic child, will that be used against him?

Anyone who knows anything about Asperger’s Syndrome, which is what my little boy has, knows that they display many of the symptoms of traditional Autism (such as sensitivity to loud/sharp sounds, over-stimulation in crowded places, a strong reaction to certain textures, etc.), but they communicate far better. They can talk for hours, once they’re comfortable with their hostage… er… audience. 

I searched this morning for an article that would reveal any of the new thoughts the so-called “experts” are having in this area. I found the following article, but it does not really give any answers.

It frustrates me that although my child has received the same diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome from four different experts, he may still end up being labeled as not Autistic enough to receive help. He does not receive a lot of services now, but he does attend an Autism Support classroom, which has brought him quite far. He would not have made the progress he has made, if he was not officially diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. 

If you have a higher-functioning Autistic child, how does this article make you feel? Does it throw you into a tailspin? Do you worry about your child’s ability to receive services in the future?


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