Whine, Whine, Whine

One of the reasons that Cameron’s teacher wanted him to do Summertime programming a couple of days a week for part of the Summer was because of his tendency to whine and become confrontational  when he is called upon to do non-preferred tasks. Summertime programming helps him to transition more smoothly, and makes things easier for his teacher and aids when he returns from Summer vacation. 

I have noticed that Cameron has grown very whiny during his illness. He cries like a baby if he has to do the least thing that he does not want to do. 

We have attempted to teach him to be very independent, and to not allow his Autism to dictate what he can and cannot do. With this in mind, we have taught him little skills like how to use the microwave to heat his limited number of preferred foods, how to use the television and DVD player, and some basics of how to set up the Wii game player.

Lately, he whines when we tell him to go ahead and make his food. He will approach and say that he is ready for whatever meal is coming up. We say something like, “Okay, go ahead and get it ready.”

He cries in a pathetic way and says, “But I don’t want to do it myself; I want someone else to do it for me.”

We say, “There’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. You know how.”

He runs away, crying, and we stand steadfast. We refuse to coddle him or to give into his demands.

He soon returns, checks to see if we have done what he wants, and does it himself if we have not done it for him. In our opinion, it is a win. We had to fight a little for it, but it was still a win.

I pity Cameron’s teacher and aids when he returns to school at the end of this month. He is sure to be difficult and defiant. I anticipate many notes from school, stating that he ended the day on red. If he ends on red, he does not get a reward. 

We will practice positive reinforcement here at home, in an effort to get him to behave better at school. This really translates to bribery and manipulation, but it works. 

If he does not stay on green every day at school, he will not get a toy at the end of the week. At least this is what I tell him. I have no problem with sticking to this, but my husband often folds in the face of his son’s unhappiness. 

I may find myself posting more frequently, as the situation changes from day to day. With an Autistic child, no two days seem to be exactly the same.


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