It’s all About the Little Things

During Cameron’s illness with the Lyme Meningitis, he missed the little things the most. Having his routine disrupted was a source of anxiety for him, but the lack of some simple pleasures caused him a bit of sadness.

Cameron is a daddy’s boy. He and his father like to romp and wrestle. They have fake fights and take pretend punches at one another when one passes by.

During his illness, he couldn’t do that, for fear of disrupting or damaging the PICC line that was attached to his arm. Both of them missed this activity more than one might think. It is how they relate to each other. I get brief cuddles and kisses; my husband gets punches and wrestling. It is apparently the male way of saying, “I love you.”

He missed showers too. He got sponge baths every nights during his illness, but it wasn’t quite the same. He couldn’t jump and roll in the water. He couldn’t just be free and untroubled for those few minutes. He hated sponge bathing, whether because it wasn’t as much fun, or because he wanted to bathe himself.

Cameron jumps and rolls every day of his life. He is more likely to run through the house than to simply walk. We didn’t limit his running, but we wouldn’t let him jump off of things or roll around like he normally would.

He can do all of those things now, and he is enjoying it to the fullest. He puts his whole heart into play fighting with daddy. His enthusiasm is back and unlimited. He is full of joy and laughter.

I missed those things while he was sick. He may be awake for hours after I put him to bed at night, which is normal for him, but I’m just glad that the old him seems to have returned.

At the best of times, he is still a challenge. But I’d take this little handful any day, rather than the silent, pained, very ill boy that he was for so many weeks.

This is a picture of the ring that showed up on Cameron’s belly after a couple of weeks with migraines. The ring was originally located just around the actual belly button. It spread rapidly and got very red, as you see it here. He also got a ring around his right eye and one at ankle level, as well as a very red left eye.


This is a picture of Cameron just two days after he was released from the hospital. His energy and laughter were just returning. They were not quite all the way back, but they were on their way. At the moment this picture was taken, you cannot tell that he was ever sick, but he was only a few days into his recovery.


My little boy is on his way back. I thank God with all my heart for seeing fit to leave our little boy with us. May we be good Earthly guardians for this small and innocent life.


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