Time Will Tell

Cameron gets his PICC line out tomorrow. I was quite pleased to be informed that the home health nurse was willing to remove it, rather than having us travel at least an hour to have it removed at a hospital. 

She will come tomorrow afternoon, give him his last treatment (yea!), and remove it while she’s here. It will be the only treatment that I have not done myself. 

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks. I have been reminded again that I can learn (and relearn) anything that I need to do, in order to sustain the welfare of my children. I have been reminded that Cameron is more God’s child than mine, and that God can take him whenever He chooses. 

My friends and family have been a source of comfort and validation for me. They have supported me through this whole thing.

I still don’t know when exactly Cameron contracted the Lyme Meningitis. He has had several tick bites this year, but we believe that we have removed every one of them within an hour or so of him being bitten. Since it is believed that it takes 24 hours to contract Lyme Disease, we have no idea when it could have occurred. 

The only time he ever had a tick on him for more than a couple of hours was about a year ago, when I discovered a very tiny one the next morning. I took him to the ER to have it removed. They removed it and put him on a 21 day treatment for Lyme Disease, just to be on the safe side. 

Most doctors believe that Lyme Disease, once treated with antibiotics, goes away completely. A few doctors (very few it seems), believe that once you have it, you have it for good, and that it sits in your system just waiting for your immunity to be down. It then kicks into gear again.

I am not certain what I believe. If the “experts” don’t know for sure, how am I to know?

I do wonder, though, if Cameron could have contracted the disease way back then, and even though it was treated, maybe it could still  have been sitting there, waiting to flare up. It may be one of those things that we won’t know until/unless it happens again. 

If it does pop up again, will they explain it away, as him having been bitten again? I have to wonder what the future holds. I certainly hope that he never has this happen again, both for his sake, and for the sake of this family. It is difficult on the whole family when one family member is hospitalized and a parent must be there the whole time. It also hurts a parent’s heart to see their child in so much pain, fear, and discomfort. 

This is not an “adventure” I would want to take again. If, however, he does have a recurrence, we will know what to look for, that not all symptoms are obvious links to the actual problem, and that I can treat him at home. 



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