Everything Happens as it’s Supposed To

A few months ago, I applied at local work place. I didn’t hear from them for almost three months. When I finally did hear from them, they still wanted to offer me the job. The thing is, they took such a long time to do the smallest of things. 

I went for my interview, they said they would call and let me know soon. If I didn’t hear from them after a week, I should call them. Almost a whole week later, when I had just about given up on them, they called and said that they would like me to come in and fill out paperwork for a background check.

When I filled out the paperwork, they said they would probably call me by that Friday to set up a time for my physical. A week came and went, no phone call.

About a week after that, the phone call came. I was told when and where to go for my physical.

As life sometimes does, it kicked me in the butt. I got my phone call this past Monday. They wanted me to start work on Tuesday. As I was shopping for my work boots, my little boy’s sickness (which had been building for a few weeks) reached a whole new level. He was hospitalized by the end of that day, thus eliminating any chances for me to start work the next day.

I had concerns that the employer would not want to hire me anymore, but my child’s health came first. I thought, “Any employer who refuses to hire me because I stayed in the hospital with my little boy is not the one that God wants me to work for.”

The employer was quite understanding. They said, “Family comes first. Just bring in a note to prove that you were in the hospital.”

We spent three days in the hospital and have been treating at home for a couple of days. I will start work on Monday. 

All of this brings the thought that has come to me many times: Everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe in God, some other “higher power,” or just believe that we are on our own – you probably believe something along the lines of what I believe. Some things are meant to happen one way; some things are meant to happen another way.

I am a person who believes and puts my faith in God. Because of that, I see it like this: I wasn’t supposed to be working earlier, because God knew that Cameron would be getting sick. He was freeing up my time to care for him. If I had not been with him so much, I might not have noticed the depth of his sickness. 

God molded this situation so that it came out exactly as it was supposed to happen. This is what I believe, and this is what gives me comfort. 



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