Monthly Archives: July 2012

Returning to Some Semblance of “Normal”

Cameron is returning to his version of “normal” after his recent sickness with Lyme Meningitis. Most things are a relief to see again. His laughter touches my heart; the return of his energy gives me relief.

One thing that has returned is his unwillingness/inability to fall asleep for several hours after he goes to bed at night. He goes to bed at 7:30, is allowed to watch television for half an hour, and is then expected to make an honest effort to go to sleep. Yet, he is awake ’til after ten, sometimes.

This is a bit frustrating, as I have started a new job and am more tired than usual. I get up at five in the morning and I am quite tired by 8:30 at night. I have a hard time staying awake ’til 9:00.

I have tried turning off the television and telling him we’re going to sleep. But, an hour later, I may hear him say that he has to go to the bathroom. I am just as likely to hear him playing with his toys on his bed.

I have tried turning off the television and leaving the room. I spend a while on the computer, hoping that my absence will cause  him to go to sleep. However, he comes to the door a while later and says he can’t sleep without me in the room. 

I can’t win! One way or another, he’s going to sleep when he wants/needs to, and nothing I do seems to change that.

This being the case, I will attempt to concentrate on the positive things. He has laughter, energy, an appetite, and an interest in what’s going on around him. Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest blessings.