Vaccinations: Is There a Link?

Most of us are aware of the issue that has been raised concerning the possible link of Autism to vaccinations. People who suspect that vaccinations are to blame do not seem to be saying that vaccinations are causing the rise in Autism, but rather that some children are more sensitive to vaccines, thus making them more susceptible to getting Autism after a series of vaccinations. 

I will be the first to say that I do not know if vaccinations are to blame, or if we are simply meant to be blessed with these special children from the beginning of time. I have never looked for someone or something to blame. I simply accept Cameron just as he is, quirks and all.

All of my children received their vaccinations. Sometimes they got a few more in a closer period of time, if they were behind in their immunizations. The older three of my four children are NT; Cameron was the only one who got the Autism. He is also the only one who got Asthma. I mention this because I recently heard that a study showed that there may be a link between getting vaccinations and having Autism and Asthma. None of my other children have Asthma either, although I do.

The difference between Cameron and the other children is that he has a different father than they do. His father and I were also a bit older when he came along than we were when the other children that came before Cameron were born. 

Does age play a part? Does the slightly different parentage point to a genetic link? Could it be that as with some rare diseases, Autism may not show up until a specific man and woman create a child? 

As I mentioned, I do not know the answer to these questions. I do not spend a lot of time asking these questions. My life is too busy and too blessed to spend precious minutes questioning my blessings or pointing the finger.



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