The Importance of a Solid Source of Support

In the day to day struggles of life, a solid source of support can be invaluable. This person could be a spouse or a significant other. It could be a friend or a group of friends.

The role of this person is to offer a listening ear, comforting words, advice (when it is solicited), and to carry the ball if necessary. Without at least one person who is always on your side, you can feel overwhelmed and without hope.

I am fortunate to have several good people in my life. They each play a different role, but every one of them serves to strengthen me.

My husband is my rock. He reminds me of what I can do. He tells me that he could not do this alone. He gives me a hug and dries my tears. He tells me how proud he is of me. When I become overwhelmed, I know that I can hand things to him for a few minutes. Everything will be fine. He will handle it. No one will be in danger. I can go for a walk; I can go shopping. He has the love and the instincts to know exactly what I need at that time.

My children are also a source of strength. They applaud my accomplishments. They help do the little things with Cameron that mean so much, like playing a game with him, or tolerating his fantasy talk. Something as simple as watching a movie with him for an hour or so can give their father and I a breather.

I have a couple of friends that I can call at almost any time of the day. They will listen to my praises for my children, understanding that with Cameron, the smallest accomplishments mean so much. They allow me to vent if I need to. They know that they do not need to offer advice; listening is enough.

I have a group of lady friends who never fail to inquire how things are going, how Cameron is doing, how the older kids are doing in school or at their job. Each time they care enough to ask, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude.

Cameron’s teachers, aids, and the Special Education Coordinator are also a source of support. My relationship with them is a bit different, but no less valuable, than my relationships with the other people in my life. With them, I can say, “He was doing this the other day.” They in turn share a story and we have a good laugh.

Each of these people are a blessing in my life. Things would be very difficult without them.  I would survive and manage from day to day, but I wonder if I would thrive. Would I be making the progress that I have made thus far?

They are all here for a reason. Their support has been beyond anything I could ever hope for. May I be a blessing to them also.


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